In the beginning…

In 1997, two sisters–Fran and Mary–opened Clara’s Closet in downtown Elkhorn. Clara’s closet is named after their mother, Clara, and you can see her picture at the party.

New owners

Two years later, the sisters sold Clara’s Closet to Corina (Osborn) Kruger. Corina ran Clara’s Closet for 21 years. Her children grew up helping her with many aspects of the business. After 21 years, Corina decided it was time to retire to spend more time with her family and move to warmer weather. In 2019, Corina sold Clara’s Closet to the current owners Abbie and Nick Harvey.

Abbie and Nick plan to continue the rich tradition at Clara’s Closet and expand the business. They plan to run Clara’s Closet with their children for the next 21 years!

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